Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cooling Tower Drift to Be Treated as Particulate Matter by EPA PM 10

Ken Hennon from Clean Air Engineering gave a nice presentation at the Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference about new EPA standards for particulate pollution and their application to cooling tower drift.

When most people think of particulate pollution, the image of black smoke coming off the stack on a diesel engine comes to mind. But,  cooling tower drift will soon be considered in that same category. As Ken explained it, when the water in the droplets of tower water that leave the towers as uncontrolled drift evaporate, they leave behind their salts. These salts include hardness from the make up water source, residual water treatment chemicals and any solids that the tower has scrubbed from the air.

These solids that are left behind form particles that will be considered particulate pollution per the EPA standards. For more information visit the link below:

Friday, February 10, 2012

FieldData Pro Goes to CTI Annual Conference

For the second straight year FieldData Pro participated in the Cooling Technology Institute's Annual Conference. This years conference was in Houston, Texas and was well attended by both owner operators and equipment manufacturers.

FieldData Pro's software was featured in the presentation, "Going it Alone: Lessons Learned from Managing Our Own Water Treatment Program". In this presentation, it was shown how using FieldData Pro's data management system, one comapny was able to save money and do a better job managing the water treatment program at a large manufacturing plant.

Email for more information on this application.