Monday, June 27, 2011

How FieldDataPro Works, Part 3

Once your inspection results and plant operating data have been collected and uploaded to the web application FDP Plant it can be put to good use. Being a web based solution, the data is accessible for review from anywhere. Our standard reports are designed by experts in plant operation and optimized to increase the efficiency of any facility.

Below is Part 3 of an overview of how our solution works. It shows two of our standard reports, the Compliance Report and Schedule Report.

Use FDP Report Manager to schedule the "Compliance Report" to be emailed to you periodically. This report is used to review how well each facility is complying with the required safety inspections.

Run periodic “Schedule Report” to identify any inspections that may be getting overlooked.

FDP helps you detect problems early, helping you keep your inspection program on track.

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How FieldDataPro Works, Part 2

We believe that equipment inspections performed by plant operations and maintenance personnel are the cornerstone to any solid maintenance and reliability program.

Below is Part 2 of an overview of how our solution works. Part 1 took us from defining the data points (Points of Interest) to data collection using FDPMobile and a handheld computer.

Use web application FDP Plant to review inspection results for completeness and correctness.

Schedule report to be emailed
automatically to management and maintenance department, detailing all missed inspections or deficiencies that need to be corrected.

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How FieldDataPro Works, Part 1.

It has been our experience that much of the data collected on a clipboard and paper logsheet goes unused, never to be looked at again. By replacing the clipboard with a handheld computer running FDPMobile, we help plant and facility operators put this data to work for them.

Below is Part 1 of an overview of how our solution works. We use the inspection of a fire extinguisher as an example, but FDPMobile can be used to collect any combination of numerical or yes/no data points.

Define and Load Points of Interest

Identify inspection / data collection points (Points of Interest) in facility.

Load information about each Point of Interest into FDP Plant web application.

Arrange adjacent and related Points of Interest into Groups. 

Fire Extinguisher 1

Print out barcode labels using standard laser printer on Avery or similar labels (

Post barcode labels at each data collection location.

Perform safety inspections

At each inspection location, scan barcode using handheld computer.


Upon scanning barcode, user will be prompted to enter inspection results for that location.

Inspection results are saved on handheld computer.

Results are uploaded to web application the next time handheld has connection to internet, via wireless network, cellular, or by being docked to desktop computer with internet connection.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is FieldData Pro?

FieldData Pro (FDP) is a data management system optimized to manage facilities operating data.

A typical facility uses a number of computerized systems to manage their operations:
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to manage assets and maintenance resources
  • SCADA or BAS Systems to monitor and control building and process systems
  • Accounting systems to issue purchase orders, track expenses and manage inventory
  • Timekeeping software to manage employee labor costs
  • EHS software to manage compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations
Many facilities that have spent thousands, if not millions, of dollars on these systems still rely on clipboards and pencils for the collection of critical data . They then use Excel spreadsheets to manage this data.

What kind of data are we talking about? Look around your facility and see what kind of data is being written on a log sheet attached to a clipboard. Many times it includes:
  • Emergency generator test information
  • HVAC water treatment test data
  • Hazardous Waste Tank Inspections (RCRA)
  • Fume Hood Exhaust Readings
FDP was created to eliminate the work associated with managing this data. By using our mobile application FDPMobile on durable handheld computers (the barcode scanner type devices the Pepsi guy uses to track the inventory he delivers to the convenience store), data is captured efficiently. When the device connects to the Internet this data automatically uploads to our web application, FDP Plant, where it can be reviewed, analyzed and stored securely.

Managing this data no longer involves flipping through grease stain log sheets and keying large amounts of data into spreadsheets. The data is touched once when entered into FDPMobile and is now available for use in a variety of ways by colleagues around the world.

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