Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Read a Good Article About Operator Rounds

Written by Sam McNair at Life Cycle Engineering. Follow the link below:


Discusses really looking at the data you are asking your operators to record during their rounds. Operator rounds are an integral part of maintaining a reliable plant, but if you are asking your employees to spend a great deal of time recording data that no one ever looks at or uses they will grow frustrated.

During an implementation of our handheld data collection solution, we at FieldDataPro encourage our clients to review each Point of Interest they are asking their employees to record and ask them:

  1. Why is this piece of data useful?
  2. How will this data be used?

If they can not answer these questions we ask them to reconsider including it in the operator rounds. To read a case study of how FieldDataPro solution helped improve Operator Rounds at a manufacturing plant follow the link below:


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