Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Frying Safety Tips

I regularly perform job safety analyses as part of my job, so when I started frying turkeys a few years ago I was very conscious of the hazards. The primary hazards are related to the 400 F oil used to fry the turkey. These include:
  • 400 F oil can burn you severely.
  • Oil can also catch fire it rolls over the side of the pot into the fire.
  • A frozen turkey dropped into hot oil will explode causing both of the above
Over the years I have come up with the following precautions to take when frying a turkey.
  1. Turkey must be fried outside.
  2. Do not fry on a deck or porch.
  3. Clear out an area to set up your fryer. Rake leaves and brush from around the fryer.
  4. Remove any trip hazards (toys, oil bottles, etc) from around the fryer. You do not want anyone tripping into the oil.
  5. Be mindful of keeping small children and dogs away from fryer. Barricade with lawn chairs if necessary.
  6. Make sure your turkey is thawed before frying.
  7. Wear long sleeve shirt.
  8. Wear leather work or gardening gloves when working near the oil (lowering the turkey in or removing from oil).
  9. Wear safety glasses whenever top is off of heated oil.
  10. Adult supervision around turkey fryer at all times while oil is heating and while oil is hot.
Be safe and enjoy!

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