Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eliminate Travel Time Required for EHS Inspections

Many inspections required for environmental (RCRA Tanks, SPCC Inspections, etc) or safety (eyewash, Emergency Lights, etc) compliance require very little time, maybe a minute or two, to complete.

Often, the bulk of the time committed to these inspections is the travel time to and from the individual inspected devices. These devices are typically scattered around the plant or campus. The technician performing these inspections may spend 5 to 10 minutes getting to each device, only to spend 1 minute to perform the actual test or inspection.

FieldDataPro has developed a way to eliminate the travel time required for these inspections. We have integrated mini barcode scanners, the size of automobile keyless entry devices, into our solution.

One scan of these devices, along with our Smart Barcoding System, can capture detailed inspection results that include:
  • Inspection Result (Pass / Fail)
  • Name of Person Completing Inspection
  • Date and Time of Inspection
  • Measured Value (Numerical)
Our miniscan devices cost less that $150, so it does not  break the bank to outfit each of your staff members with one.

Here's How Our System Works

As the EHS staff travels around the plant carrying out their normal duties, they perform inspections on devices at locations they pass by.

Lets say your technician has to meet a customer in the Chemical Storage Building. Why not have her inspect the satellite waste storage location in that area. She can record her results with her mini scanner.

Have a meeting in the Physical Science Building? Go ahead and test the emergency lights in the stairwell. Record your results with your mini scanner.

Using the mini scanner eliminates the need to go back to the office to get the clipboard. With it you are prepared to record your inspections at any time.

When you get back to your desk, simply plug the mini scanner in to the charging cable and your inspection results are automatically uploaded to our easy to use web application.

Each week a report can be run detailing which devices have been inspected, which devices failed inspection and any devices that have not been inspected.

A schedule report can also be run periodically, detailing for each device:
  • Last Inspection Date
  • Next Due Date
  • Days Past Due
Use our detailed reports to actively manage your inspections.

Towards the end of each period(week, month, quarter) our reports help identify which devices were not inspected over the course of the period.
The FieldData Pro system greatly reduces the time required to complete your regulatory inspections. And by using our system you will do a much better job of managing and documenting your inspections. 

Every organization I come in to contact with is facing the same challenges, more regulatory requirements, less people to do the work. At FieldData Pro, we help organizations do a better job managing their environmental and safety inspections while using less resources.

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  1. This is very good system as it keeps all the schedule save and alerts are a good way.