Saturday, November 3, 2012

View Your Operator Readings in an Excel Pivot Table

A powerful new feature of the FieldData Pro solution is the ability to access the data collected by your staff in a MS Excel spreadsheet with a direct connection to the database that stores your historical data.

As shown in the image above, viewing your data in a pivot table allows you to perform more powerful analyses than in a standard spreadsheet.

In our example, with just a few clicks we filtered by:
  • Parameter (pH)
  • System Type (Cooling Tower)
  • Site
  • Year
We also sorted by:
  • System
  • Employee

All of this with just a few mouse clicks.

This data is data that was collected using FDPMobile, our mobile app designed for use with barcode scanners that run Windows Mobile.

This data used to be recorded on log sheets that were maintained at the cooling tower locations. Back then, if you wanted to analyze this data, you had to start by spending half a day collecting the log sheets, carrying them back to the desk and keying them into a spreadsheet. Now this data is available for analysis as soon as it is entered into the barcode scanner.

FieldData Pro helps you put your data to good use.

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