Monday, June 27, 2011

How FieldDataPro Works, Part 1.

It has been our experience that much of the data collected on a clipboard and paper logsheet goes unused, never to be looked at again. By replacing the clipboard with a handheld computer running FDPMobile, we help plant and facility operators put this data to work for them.

Below is Part 1 of an overview of how our solution works. We use the inspection of a fire extinguisher as an example, but FDPMobile can be used to collect any combination of numerical or yes/no data points.

Define and Load Points of Interest

Identify inspection / data collection points (Points of Interest) in facility.

Load information about each Point of Interest into FDP Plant web application.

Arrange adjacent and related Points of Interest into Groups. 

Fire Extinguisher 1

Print out barcode labels using standard laser printer on Avery or similar labels (

Post barcode labels at each data collection location.

Perform safety inspections

At each inspection location, scan barcode using handheld computer.


Upon scanning barcode, user will be prompted to enter inspection results for that location.

Inspection results are saved on handheld computer.

Results are uploaded to web application the next time handheld has connection to internet, via wireless network, cellular, or by being docked to desktop computer with internet connection.

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