Monday, June 27, 2011

How FieldDataPro Works, Part 3

Once your inspection results and plant operating data have been collected and uploaded to the web application FDP Plant it can be put to good use. Being a web based solution, the data is accessible for review from anywhere. Our standard reports are designed by experts in plant operation and optimized to increase the efficiency of any facility.

Below is Part 3 of an overview of how our solution works. It shows two of our standard reports, the Compliance Report and Schedule Report.

Use FDP Report Manager to schedule the "Compliance Report" to be emailed to you periodically. This report is used to review how well each facility is complying with the required safety inspections.

Run periodic “Schedule Report” to identify any inspections that may be getting overlooked.

FDP helps you detect problems early, helping you keep your inspection program on track.

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